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Has your WordPress website become a mission unto itself? Let's remove that burden today!

A Slow, inefficient
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Every second counts and one of the best places to start is ditching the cheap hosting platforms most websites use.

For as little as $100 per month you can get your website hosted and receive one suggested eMarketing action step to take your online business to the next level.


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Paul Therond & Consultants are experts in boosting WordPress sites as part of a Content eMarketing Strategy.

eMarketing Strategy

Every client for as little as $100 per month will get expert guidance on the best actions to take next for their business.

WordPress Hosting

Included as part of the base level $100 per month plan, you will be hosted on our blazing fast agency platform with over $2,000 p/m of Enterprise level addons included.


We have access to a large range of premium WordPress plugins that we include only where advisable for our clients to use. Crocoblock JetEngine included.

Marketing Optimization

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Business Ventures

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Business Strategy

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The Business Consulting Process

What has been your greatest business success online?

What is the single biggest roadblock in your online business?

This and other probing questions in your initial questionnaire will get you on the path to success.

Finance & Risk Transformation

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We use advanced servers and advocate a minimal plugin approach with JetEngine by Crocoblock.

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