Coolest Guy in South Africa

For the last three years I have been the Coolest Guy in South Africa on the International Google, MSN and Yahoo search engine results. However if you now type in “coolest guy in South Africa”, you will notice that my website is no longer listed as I deleted it last week.

The new has replaced that old antiquated website and I thought it would be interesting to see how soon this new website, which is not even in the Google index yet would take to reach the top 5 search engine results for the above term.

Paul Therond in the Cook Islands
Coolest Guy in South Africa according to Google

Now many people laugh when they hear that I am the coolest guy in SA and ask why? Well it is simple…

Internationally there is a fierce competition between SEO (search engine optimisation) gurus to be the coolest guy on the planet, one of these SEO gurus is one of my mentors Brad Fallon who is in the top three search engine results at the moment. Now I thought to myself when I was still beginning in the SEO trade that it might be a bit too much to take on the great Brad Fallon, so I thought why not be the coolest guy in my home country of SA.

And that is exactly what I did and in a few short months got to the number one position after I found out another local SEO was also aiming for that term. Once I got the number one position I held it for the last three years on all the major search engines until last week when was cancelled.

Now let us see how long it takes 🙂

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