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80% of all websites are found using Search Engines such as Google and MSN and Yahoo. This is not surprising, as more than 500 million searches are conducted on Google every day.

You want your website to rank in the top of rankings and Search Engine will get you there.

This is how you go about it:

  • Build Trust a credible presence of the website on search engines
  • Tweek the call to action on the website
  • Increase the conversion rate from searchers to visitors to customers

Search Engine Marketing comprises the following key areas:

A: Search engine optimisation (SEO)

SEO consists of two parts: Tailoring the content and structure of your website so with relevant to search terms that people enter on search engines in mind.

Increase the number of links to your website from websites with High Pageranks.

Optimise your website so that when a person enters a search term into a search engine your website appears high up on the results page of that search.

The SEO process:

1.      Website Structure: A search engine needs to be able to index the content within the site to be able to compare search terms with content. The process of indexing a website by a search engine is known as spidering. Simply put a website’s structure should maximize search engine “visibility/exposure” and not hinder it. Site maps are also important in this regard.

2.      Keyword research:

Keywords are the most important part of the SEO process. Selecting these keywords should be taken seriously and could result in the success or failure process. Here you are looking for words the people are currently searching for, and words that are specific to your business.

3. SEO Copywriting and keyword implementation:

From these keywords, web copy is created , and inserted into the code of your website, HTML and Meta tags are some examples.

4. Inbound Linking Strategy:

This is supremely important for successful search engine marketing. Inbound links back to your website from similar or complimentary websites with High page ranks will do the trick. 4Front Marketing employs full time link builders who will source the perfect links for your website and then request inbound links from these reputable and complimentary websites.

Online Promotion

Online PR strengthens both the presence and the brand online in two ways:

Interesting Content: Experience has proved the adage “Content is King” “Keywords are Queen”

High quality content will make your website stand out. SEO Copywriters must also bear in mind that readers are impatient wanting information quickly and easily, so it is best to keep this in mind.

4Front Marketing will be responsible for distributing and marketing content through various online channels.

Search Engine rankings: Content provides the key to your Search engine ranking as do links back to your website.

Quick tips on Keyword Research

  • Each page must have 2 or 3 keywords, this is not a case the more the merrier, remember you are wanting the search to be specific.
  • Let the experts handle keywords handle keyword research. (Word tracker)

Leave a comment or get hold of us, if you want to find out more.

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