Does Concept 10 10 work?

concept1010Well yesterday I went for my very first Concept 10 10 workout and I know a lot of people are asking, “Does Concept 10 10 work?” All I can say for now is that today my muscles are feeling it and it feels great!

I was very impressed by the quality of the training facilities and the knowledge and passion of the staff and personal trainers who I was told receive about 40 hours training from Concept 10 10 before being allowed to advise clients.

I was also amazed at how even though the workout I did was very intense, I didn’t break a sweat due to the very cool air conditioning and fans blowing on me in the facility.

When you do your first session with Concept 1010 it doesn’t actually take 20 minutes but more in the vicinity of 1 hour. During this one hour your personal trainer provides an overview of the theory of Concept 10 10 and why it works and then they move to actually customise each of the 6 machines to the exact dimensions of your body. By doing this they effectively isolate the major muscles in your body and limit any other supporting muscles “carrying the weight” and effectively cheating your training intensity. The result is a much more effective workout and more muscle growth.

In addition Concept 10 10 has been specifically designed to assist in back pain problems that people have now and will have in the future. Unfortunately with the way we work now in front of computers this is a reality for us all. Two of the machines are designed to support both the back and neck by building those muscles that support the spinal column and strengthen the neck. The result I have been told is the promise of a pain free back, I cannot wait.

And finally for the ladies, Concept 1010 definitely is for you because when you build muscle you also burn fat. So the result of this 20 minute a week intense training is a more slimmer, toned and energetic body.

I am looking forward to more sessions and so should you.

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