Google Drive Official Debut

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Google Drive
Google Drive released starting from as little as $2.49 p/m.
The much anticipated Google Drive made it’s public debut two days ago with people being able to download the software as a service onto their computers and the app onto their Android phones.

However even though the Google Blog stated two days ago that it was ready and you simply had to go to to begin there are a number of users like me who are being put into a waiting line to be notified when it will be ready for their Google account.

I wonder if this may have something to do with the fact that my Google account was created initially whilst I was in New Zealand and not the UK. As it appears other people in the UK and US now have access to the service.

We shall wait and see. But for all of you out there follow the link above to see whether your Google account qualifies for the service right now. This service is going to be great with 5GB free and paid options starting from as little as $2.49 including an upgrade of your Gmail storage to 25GB!!!

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