Paul Therond

Paul Therond
Digital Promotions Strategy & the Youth

digital marketing youthThe Youth of today have a tremendous advantage in today’s business world as part of a digital promotions strategy.

They have grown up with computers, social networks, Youtube, iPhones and other digital communications that older people are still having to train themselves to fully appreciate and understand. To the youth this just comes so naturally and it’s astonishing to look at even younger generations. Toddlers of today for example that want to touch the screen of TV’s thinking that it’s an iPad or iPhone! Just imagine what they will be like in the future!

However I digress as the interesting thing is that businesses desperately need these digital skills if they intend to remain competitive in the ever changing digital promotions landscape. But there seems to be at this moment in time a divide between the youth and businesses. A divide that means that businesses are not truly harnessing the power of digital embedded into the minds of the youth and it is a crying shame as it really is a win-win for both parties.

Let’s look at this more closely:

Why is this good for businesses?

Digital marketing & communications is increasingly becoming one of (if not) the most important marketing channel for businesses of all types. However the sheer amount of changes and skills required in digital marketing can leave many a business owner/Marketing Director scratching their head and throwing in the towel.

This is where an experienced digital strategist who knows the industry can be employed even if just part time and a young man/lady employed on a basic rate or even free internship to do the physical tasks needed to win the online marketing game. Make no mistake people, the amount of workload involved in online marketing is immense so having a young, ready to learn recruit guided by an experienced online marketer is a truly WIN-WIN strategy for business.

What’s in it for the young person?

Well that is quite simple… Experience. The experience they so desperately need to break into the workforce with that good reference in an area of incredible interest to other employers namely digital marketing. By having them work with an experienced digital marketer it will mean that they will increase their skills and if they so desire be able to get a great job in a digital marketing agency or client side acting as a digital marketing executive.

So I encourage you businesses to start thinking in this way and I encourage the young people out there to go make yourselves known to businesses as they need your skills and you can add tremendous value. Don’t let your youth make you feel inferior in the business/working world as it is the very fact that you are young that will help businesses adapt to this changing, exciting and ever more digital world.

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