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Paul Therond
iPhone 5 overheating? Let’s look what you can do about it
iPhone 5 over heating issues?
Keep reading to the bottom for possible solutions & fixes.

Ladies and gentlemen,

I am busy looking at the live blogging event of the iPhone 5 announcement today and can’t help but wonder whether this new iPhone might suffer from overheating issues like the New iPad?

As I am listening I am hearing Phil Schiller of Apple talk about all these new enhancements to the iPhone 5 and how all the components that make it up are getting smaller and smaller more than likely to fit a much larger battery.

This larger battery is needed to power up the new features in the iPhone 5 including the powerful A6 processor, larger screen and 4G LTE connectivity.

The new iPad fell victim to this over heating issue with a lot of people complaining about how hot the device felt in their hands because of the new processor and the incredibly high retina display resolutions.

So I think we may see similar complaints when people get these iPhone 5’s in their hands even though this is a smaller device than an iPad. With such limited space, the heat generated by all the components doesn’t have much place it can go and will probably feel very warm in your hand.

Will it be a deal breaker for Apple? Probably not, but let’s be skeptical about their announced battery life statistics as this phone might not be quite that good over time.


Over the last few days I have now had numerous people visiting my website experiencing heat issues on their iPhone 5’s whilst charging.

However I wouldn’t be too concerned as the main reason for this is due to the aluminium case, which is a better conductor of heat than the glass casing of the iPhone 4S.

But it does prove my concern that the claimed battery life figures from Apple for iPhone 5 may not be entirely true over the long run. So keep an eye on this.

Possible solutions: Having a look at Apple support there are a few potential options to resolve the overheating issue such as restarting the phone and doing a backup and restore through iTunes. If all that does not work the best thing is to talk to an Apple Genius who if the situation warrants it can install a battery monitor tool on the iPhone.

However as stated earlier the key to watch is your general battery life and whether that has been affected or not as the aluminium case will naturally get hot whilst charging as it is a better conductor of heat, conducting it away from the important inner iPhone 5 parts.

Apparently iPhone 4 and 4S users who have upgraded to iOS6 are not as lucky as iPhone 5 users with numerous owners now complaining of drastically reduced battery life after installing iOS6. This seems to be due to a software issue with iOS6 and probably also the fact that the older iPhones don’t have the same aluminium casing as the iPhone5. 

Possible Fix whilst charging the iPhone5: The below product from Amazon will help too. By simply keeping the iPhone 5 vertical whilst charging at work or home this stand would dissipate heat away from the device. It’s a simple & stylish product that would help.

  • I got my iPhone 5 today. First thing I didn’t like is the proportion length and width. Second and major issue is iPhone gets too hot when charging.

  • I was having a look at the iPhone 5 yesterday and honestly I thought it was a really beautiful phone. I have read a lot of people saying exactly what you are about not liking the proportions initially but gradually starting to feel it becoming normal to them. So I wouldn’t be too hard on yourself, still think you have a great phone.

    However the test was always going to come with the heat of the device especially when charging. I would be interested to know how it goes heat-wise in normal use, whether it feels hot in the hands or not.

  • I have a iphone 5 64g black, on the phone with my Mom for a hour, went to hang up, could’nt the screen froze up for about a minute, I noticed it was pretty warm also.

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