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As I logged into my WordPress dashboard this evening I noticed a new plugin called SEO Keyword Suggestions by HitTail version 1.01. Now this was something that immediately got my attention as I am looking for a new keyword research tool built straight into the WordPress dashboard.

I have used keyword research plugins in the past such as Yoast SEO, but eventually disabled it due to issues I was having with how it displayed posts in my Google Chrome browser. So I am hoping this will be worth its weight in gold as having a good keyword  tool embedded within WordPress would be great and save time.

I have just installed it and will provide an update to you on how it works and whether it is any good when I have tested it more thoroughly.

Do you have any comments on the SEO Keyword Suggestions by HitTail?

Update: The first thing that I have now realised about this plugin by Hitwise is that you have to have a paid account to use it. You then install a tracking code onto your website and it then tracks your current traffic to suggest keyword ideas. However they do offer a 30 day trial so I will be giving it a go and seeing whether its worth it! 🙂 Further updates coming soon.

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  • Good to hear from you Rob, looks like you are onto something here, so well done! My only suggestion though for your plugin would be to integrate the k/word data straight into WordPress and not require having to go to your website to see ideas.

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