Youtube Mistake #2 – No Live Link to Your Website


Youtube Marketing
Are you making these Youtube Marketing Mistakes?

A very common mistake is not having a live link from your video to your website. What good does it do to interest a customer and then make it hard for them to contact you? This is also why we recommend like we did in the previous chapter that you add your telephone number to your Video Title too. 

Many people do put in a link to their site in the description, but it is often buried in the description and hard to find and often ‘dead’. You can’t click a dead link; instead, you have to copy and paste the link into your browser or enter it manually.

Get a ‘live’ link

N.B. – Start your description with your web site URL and be sure to include the ‘http://’ part of the URL. Adding these few characters turns that ‘dead’ URL into a live link people can click to go to your website. Putting it at the very beginning and on the top line makes it always visible to the viewer and makes it easy for them to follow the link for more information.

This back-link helps your website rise in the search engine results too. YouTube is a high ‘page rank’ site, which means a YouTube back-links counts more than most links. A few videos pointing to your site may be all it needs to wind up on page 1.

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