Youtube Mistake #4 – Not Using Video Tags

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Youtube Marketing
Are you making these Youtube Marketing Mistakes?

‘Tags’ are pieces of information attached to files. They are arbitrary text fields assigned by a user, and their only purpose is to be an indexed field and an aid to searchers looking for your information.

YouTube gives you a video tags field – use it to help people looking for your video.

Longer keywords are easier to be found for than broad, single-word tags. In YouTube you simply need to add commas between your tags to separate them. Otherwise it will be one long nonsensical tag. So always remember to separate tag phrases with commas. 

Other good words to tag your videos with include your company name, your location, business or service type and other terms people might enter to find what you offer.

Don’t go overboard, 5 tags is enough, but make sure they fit your promotion.

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