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Market Samurai download

Ladies and gentlemen,

I have something really important to talk about today! I recently wrote a blog post about a SEO marketing tool I use called SEOprofiler, which I can see a lot of people have been reading about. So I thought I would write another post today on another tool I use religiously called Market Samurai. If you are serious about starting an online business this year in 2013, I would encourage you to keep reading to see what this little beauty can do.

Picking your fights (Markets)

One of the biggest mistakes new and even experienced marketers make online is choosing the wrong markets to get into. They choose markets where the competition they will be facing is too big & strong and and their website doesn’t even stand a chance of ranking high in Google.

The beauty of marketing online compared to traditional marketing is how you can accurately assess market activity based on how many people are searching Google in your chosen market.

Using tools like the Google keyword suggestion tool you can see (as a made up example) that 45000 people search p/m for red tennis shoes vs. 10000 for green tennis shoes. This helps you as a business owner determine what market you may want to get into based on market demand.

However there is a problem with the above scenario.

If you want top rankings you can’t just go for the keyword/s with the most searches. You have to go for the keyword/s that gets the most searches AND also low to medium competition in Google.

Now unfortunately the Google external keyword suggestion tool does not provide you accurate information on the competition and this is where Market Samurai comes in to play.

Enter Market Samurai 

Market Samurai works with Google to find the amount of searches for keywords in your market but goes one very powerful step further by applying SEO competition filters. These competition filters are the missing link that enable you to find your golden keywords that have the best chance of getting top rankings on Google. This is invaluable and why I cannot recommend Market Samurai enough!

Market Samurai Filters Screenshot

Market samurai SEO filters

When you apply these filters what you will find is that you end up with maybe 10-50 (sometimes more) suitable golden keywords. This is in stark contrast to the hundreds and even thousands of unfiltered results other keyword tools provide, which many people right now are basing their marketing decisions around. 🙁

So I urge you don’t make this same mistake and download Market Samurai. I will be publishing a more detailed “How-to” soon, which shows how I use the software, so make sure to keep tuned to the blog. (RSS feed available)

The following link is where you can get your free trial download of Market Samurai and also access to the Market Samurai discount.

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Download Market Samurai

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