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Update on SEOprofiler

Read all the way to the bottom for important updates and a special discount offer on SEOprofiler.

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If you want top Google rankings you are going to want to read this SEO Profiler Review! For myself I have now found my SEO marketing software of choice.

Let’s look under the hood of SEOprofiler

It is interesting to know that SEOprofiler is one of the few SEO tools, which guarantees a top 10 ranking if you follow their step by step process.

Now first things first whenever a company claims to get you guaranteed top rankings your alarm bells should immediately start ringing, but when you login to your SEO Profiler account and go through the training they provide, it becomes clearer as to why they make this guarantee.

Firstly they are not guaranteeing that if you choose the most competitive keyword in your industry that you will immediately get the top ranking. Of course not!

What they are guaranteeing is that if you follow their personalised (to your site) recommendations and get at least a score of 95% in their system that you should see that your website gets a top ranking over time.

The interesting thing about this 95% score is that it is calculated by looking at your competitor’s websites that currently have top positions in Google. So this means that their benchmark score of your website will change if a stronger website comes onto the first page, which would mean you have to adapt your strategy accordingly.

This means that SEOprofiler effectively is always up to date with any changes and policies of Google as it compares your website to the ones Google is currently ranking high. This is very clever indeed not because they are the first to do this but rather due to the way SEOprofiler tells you what to do next based on your competitors.

If you only got SEOprofiler for this step by step training, it would be well worth it.

I have been in the industry for many years and even I looked at some of their training materials and had a few AHA moments – so the training is well worth doing. I would encourage you to do it even if you are outsourcing your SEO to a SEO Virtual Assistant or have an agency working on this for you. This will help you to better manage your outsourced partner and get even more of the results you want.

This highlights another important point. If you have been outsourcing your SEO up till now and have been paying high fees for the amount of time they have been spending on all the SEO tasks required, this tool will be a breath of fresh air for you and your employee/s.The free time that is created will allow you and your SEO employee/s to be far more effective and get even more results for every dollar you spend.

In concluding the best thing about SEO Profiler vs. options like SEOMOZ is the pricing. You can get a standard membership with SEO Profiler for US$49 per month. This is compared to SEOMOZ, which is also a great SEO marketing tool which costs US$99 per month. My personal opinion though is that SEO Profiler is a more powerful and feature filled tool, so it really is a no brainer.

New Feature: Website Audit tool

Seoprofiler website audit tool

Update: Logging into my SEOprofiler account today (22/01/2013) I see their long awaited website audit tool is now live and collecting data. This is great news and it is one further reason why I’m finding it difficult to justify the investment into SEOMOZ over SEOprofiler for myself and my clients.

Another important update -18/02/2013

I see that a lot of people who read my review on SEOprofiler try the free trial account of SEOprofiler. Now when I started out and was comparing SEOprofiler against SEOMOZ, WEBCEO and Raven Tools I did exactly the same by going for the free account and I will be honest with you I got a negative impression. The reason for this is that the free version of SEOprofiler is EXTREMELY limited and actually makes the other tools look miles better. So it is my suggestion that you pay the small fee of $1 to unlock all the features for a month and then you will truly see how good a tool it is.

Special Discount offer

I am now offering a special discount on SEOprofiler. Simply purchase using the button to the right and then email your invoice to support(at) and I will offer you a 30% rebate to your PayPal on your first transaction.

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