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SEOMOZ vs. The Rest Promotion

I have a challenge/offer to make to you today in regards to SEOMOZ Pro.

For those of you that don’t know SEOMOZ are a team of search engine marketers who originally used to charge in excess of $1000 per hour for their services because they were in such huge demand around the world. They then decided to make the strategic move from consulting to offering a paid subscription model service that gave us access to enterprise level SEO software, support and training. All of this at a reasonable price starting from $99 per month.

Now I actually moved from SEOMOZ to another tool called SEOprofiler, because I felt it was the better value proposition and offered me more of the tools and data I was looking for. BUT whilst I did this for myself personally I realised an interesting trend. Many people who have stayed with SEOMOZ haven’t just done so because the tool is the best but rather because the community and support provided on the complex matter of SEO is the best in the world.

For example I was reading an answer on Quora in regards to SEO marketing tools and as always SEOMOZ came up. One person actually said I hardly use the tools of SEOMOZ now but I gladly pay the monthly fee because of the community and support I receive.

So I decided to make an offer to you

Get a $10 rebate to use SEOMOZ Pro and make a comment on this blog to share your experience with SEOMOZ. You will need to clear all your cookies and then click the following link to be a part of this challenge.

Then email support(at) and you will be paid a $10 rebate to a PayPal account of your choice. (Full rebate instructions here) In other words paid to trial a great product!

How can I do this? SEOMOZ are so confident that people who trial their service will become paying clients that they offer affiliates like me a commission when someone signs up for their free trial.

An important point

This special offer is not simply a marketing gimmick to get you a $10 rebate! No, no for this to work it has to be people who are genuinely interested in giving SEOMOZ a proper go. I would recommend for at least 2-3 months (remember your first month is free) – The reason for this is that the payout that SEOMOZ offers to me is based on at least 20% of the free trial users upgrading to a paid subscription.

So please don’t just signup for the sake of signing up or trying to make a quick buck because it will not work. The reason for this is to begin informative dialogue and comments on SEOMOZ and comparisons with other tools such as SEOprofiler, WEBCEO and Raven Tools etc.

So to be a part of this special campaign and to try out SEOMOZ click the link

And then come back to this blog post and let us all know your thoughts and experiences. I would also love it if you could share this promotion with friends so that we really create a vibrant and non-biased conversation on SEOMOZ vs the rest.

P.S. Please note that current trial and paid subscribers to SEOMOZ are most welcome to join the conversation here too.

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