SiteBildz Review – Hello?

Sitebildz Review

Important 3rd May 2013 update at end of post: + Special Bonus

When I wrote this SiteBildz review in February I was initially confused by the lack of communication and delays in launching the tool from this great software team. However I’m happy to say that SiteBildz and SiteBidz is now officially ready for launch. You can get in on the action below if you just can’t wait or keep reading if you want to learn more.

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The History

I received an email from this great software development team who are behind SEnuke XCr talking about a new product they will be releasing in February 2013. You can see the transcript below.

Now, get ready cause over the next few weeks I am going to introduce
to you a totally new and AMAZING software solution...

This is probably one of the biggest projects ever undertaken in
Internet marketing history…no joke!

The software is just one of THREE major innovations
we have been developing over the past year that combined will:

- Save you time
- Increase productivity
- Give you more freedom
- Provide your business with greater flexibility 
- Allow you to create new income streams
- Make YOU more money

Even if your a total beginner with no technical experience this
will be the easiest way for you to break into the online marketing

Check out the short teaser video below:

Now in all seriousness, I think this is a powerful example of social proof online.

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Even with all the inconsistencies in the SiteBildz pre-launch with all the delays and sometimes lack of communication (plus a spelling mistake on their squeeze page!!!) people are cramming in and waiting expectantly for this (all 400+ comments are proof).

Sitebildz has a basic website with a video and some teasing copy but more importantly they have a HISTORY. A history of producing an excellent previous product in the form of SEnuke. This simple fact alone is the main reason people are going crazy wanting this.

It’s also interesting to see the amount of affiliate marketers out there who are getting on the bandwagon and creating websites to try and get traffic and commissions from this new launch. This is despite knowing very little about what the product is and even before knowing about an actual affiliate programme. It’s all quite humorous when looking at their websites and they can hardly string a paragraph of interesting informative information about the Sitebildz launch.

This all just highlights my previous point on how powerful social proof really is. It even gets affiliates jumping on board wanting to promote you before they know anything about your product.

So what do we know about it?

Even with all my amusement about this product launch, the actual product they are promoting looks solid.

The basic concept is that the SiteBildz team have created a platform that makes setting up a WordPress affiliate website easy, including all the key elements needed to flip it for a good profit. This includes niche & keyword research, SEO and monetisation through options such as Clickbank, Amazon, Adsense and much more.

So as I say it looks solid and then they have a website they are setting up called SiteBidz, which will effectively be their auction platform to allow people to buy and sell these websites their users create. Should Flippa be worried about SiteBidz? I’m not too sure they will be but time will tell.

So I’m giving you all the heads up on this because I think as affiliate/internet marketers it will be good to have this on our radars.

What are your thoughts on SiteBildz and SiteBidz?

Latest 3rd May 2013 update:

There has been a lot of buzz around this product launch and seeing their progress I can happily now recommend it. If you are serious about making money flipping websites and earning affiliate income this should firmly be on your radar to test.

Give the paid subscription a go for at least three months and see how you begin to implement the action steps and training provided. You can get started by clicking the banner below and by purchasing you will also be entitled to a special gift – simply email support (at) and you will receive a special Website Marketing and Design checklist that will help you get the most financial return for your work when it comes time to sell. Please note you will need to clear your cookies to get this deal – full instructions here.

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4 Responses

  1. Hi Paul

    Do you knowh business address and number, as i have tried there support
    no joy.
    I have paid by credit card, now i can’t get back into there site……………??


  2. Heck, now that the site is launched, it is riddled with problems. It does not work like it is supposed to, sites do not create, you can’t set your own server at this time, support stinks and is next to non-existent waiting several hours sometime to only get a minimal non-helpful response which only prompts for additional questions which only takes more lengthy time to receive another minimal non-helpful response. So far it is a complete waste of time and money and should not have even been launched until they had it actually working.

  3. Hi Howard, sorry to hear you are having troubles. I don’t see contact details for Sitebildz but there are contact details for SeNuke (same people) which can be found here – If you contact them from there they should be able to put you in touch with the right people.

  4. Hmmm, that is not good to hear. I had a feeling this launch might not be smooth. I think they are onto something but the inconsistencies in this launch process and all the delays did make me wonder what was going on, which is why I wrote this “Hello? Anyone there? “review. If it was anybody else trying to sell this product the way Sitebildz did in their launch they would not have sold one membership at all! Just their history that is selling.

    Anyway let’s hope in time that they do get their act together and your investment is not wasted.

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