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Email Delivery Service

Email Delivery Service

In our previous chapter I spoke briefly about the issue of email deliverability and in the members video I highlighted the section in WYSIJA where you would set this up. Click here to go back to that previous chapter. In this chapter however I am going to provide some more details on how to choose an email delivery service so that you make an informed decision.

Let’s first look at the concept of email deliverability

When considering deliverability you really are looking at two aspects. Firstly, that your email is sent in the first place from your email server (not blocked) and secondly once your email is sent it won’t be flagged as SPAM in your recipients email program.

If your message is seen to be SPAM it would mean that your subscriber/client would not get your email unless they specifically looked for it. (Which they often don’t) This represents a real challenge to your email marketing efforts. Fortunately WYSIJA provides three options for you to choose from to get you going.

The three email delivery service options of WYSIJA

You can find these options by clicking WYSIJA settings and then “Send with” menu.

1. Your own website

This is the worst option of all three but it is the one that is first selected when installing WYSIJA as it generally works out the box. The issue with using your own website is that you will be limited in how many emails you can send per day plus you stand a large chance of being flagged for SPAM by not using a dedicated email server. I would suggest when first using WYSIJA that you use option 2 below.

2. Gmail

Gmail is a great email service and you can use a Gmail account with WYSIJA to send a higher volume of emails than what you could with “your own website” plus get more of your emails through that SPAM folder. It’s my suggestion (if you want to keep costs down) that you use Gmail with WYSIJA when starting out; just make sure to register a new Gmail account (not your personal one) for this purpose.

3. Third party

This third option is my recommended option for you as it catapults your email marketing to the level of the pros and big companies who send millions of emails daily and reliably. The beauty of this option is also how affordable these third party email delivery options are, representing an absolute minuscule fraction of the price that the other companies like AWeber and Mailchimp charge.

Some third party options for you to consider are:

I am currently using Elastic Email as my email delivery service and am looking at testing Amazon SES in the future.

You can find this next mini chapter here.

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2 Responses

  1. Hi El I haven’t specifically done testing into this myself as I use elastic email however I would say it would be viable up till about 5000 people in your list.

    Not so much because of the size of the list but rather due to the sending limits you would have to setup. For example using GMAIL I would probably set in WYSIJA a limit of 100 emails sent every 15 minutes, which would work out to over 12 hours to send to your list of 5000. So as you can see even 5000 people is pushing it, which is why I recommend using services like Elastic email where you can up the sending limits.

    Hope that helps, any questions just let me know.

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