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Paul Therond

Paul Therond

The eMarketing Coach

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  • EL says:

    For what size email list would you recommend using Gmail as the email delivery service?


  • Paul Therond says:

    Hi El I haven’t specifically done testing into this myself as I use elastic email however I would say it would be viable up till about 5000 people in your list.

    Not so much because of the size of the list but rather due to the sending limits you would have to setup. For example using GMAIL I would probably set in WYSIJA a limit of 100 emails sent every 15 minutes, which would work out to over 12 hours to send to your list of 5000. So as you can see even 5000 people is pushing it, which is why I recommend using services like Elastic email where you can up the sending limits.

    Hope that helps, any questions just let me know.