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Save $84 on Market Samurai

Pay just $65 for lifetime access

If you have spent any time on this website and/or been through some of my training you will know that I’m a huge fan of using Market Samurai to find market opportunities online.

Knowing what people are searching for in relation to your product or service is one of the biggest marketing breakthroughs of the 21st century and we have companies like Google and Bing to thank for this data. Tools like Market Samurai pull in this data for us and then combine it with the Majestic SEO database to give us a good idea of what we stand a good chance of ranking on the front page for.

The SEO Competition module is especially handy for this in the way it color codes the data where more green than red represents a good market niche to pursue. When used correctly this data means more traffic, which should lead to more sales.

So with all this said it only makes sense that I make you a better offer to get your hands on this software

How does $84 off Market Samurai sound?

Great! You would normally have to pay $149 but following the instructions here you will get a full version copy for $65. No Market Samurai crack here but only a pure 100% legal copy you can use forever (no more monthly fees!)

Simply follow these instructions

  • Step 1 – VERY IMPORTANT!

If you’ve previously signed up for a Market Samurai trial account, you MUST use a DIFFERENT email address for the account you sign up with under my affiliate link. 

The email you’ve already used will be tagged with the person’s link you first clicked on. Again, this will make it so that I will not get credit for your purchase. I really want to give you this special offer but I must get credit for the sale in order to do so.

  • Step 2 – Right-click my Affiliate Link below to buy Market Samurai 

Right click below and open new incognito window to go to the Market Samurai website.

>> Market Samurai Affiliate link

  • Step 3 – Purchase Market Samurai

Click the yellow add to cart button and make your payment and then follow next step.

  • Step 4 – Forward Your Receipt to me

Forward your purchase receipt to email address support [at] Please include your PayPal address to receive your rebate quicker.

That’s it and you will receive your rebate immediately and not after the 30 day refund period.

You will also be entitled to one of our bonus packs – simply email for more information.

Get the 7 Step Conversion Checklist

Double Your Conversion Rate by the end of this Week.

  • Hi George you should have your rebate now? If not just send me an email and I will follow up for you.

  • Greetings All,

    I just wanted to post a REAL comment on this blog. I found this site while doing some research on Market Samurai. I was a bit skeptical at fist as there is so much garbage out on the net (and being the victim of a serious scam a number of years ago). However, after reviewing the site, I felt good about their offer so I made the purchase.

    Two things for you who are considering MS (or other offers from Paul Therond) – First, Market Samurai is the REAL DEAL. The help vids are great and it’s basically easy to use. AND Second, Paul’s website, business and offer are for REAL!

    I got the discount as described and I had a refund in my Paypal account even quicker than the website stated.

    Buy with confidence and enjoy Market Samurai. I will definitely use this site again.

    If you have any questions – contact me via my website.

  • $35.00 rebate as promised via paypal within one working day. Very pleasantly surprised by this. More than happy to attest to this for anyone else interested in purchasing Market Samurai from this offer.

    Will be giving the web starter kit a look as well.

    Many thanks and happy holidays,


  • Hi Paul,

    This is just unbelievable! Thanks so much for the rebate. I got mine in under an hour after purchase! This really is a great New Years Gift for me! Been looking to get Market Samurai for a while, and this just sealed the deal! Thanks again Paul, and have a wonderful 2014!

  • Hello!
    I’ve got the $35 rebate few hours after the purchase! I’ve appreciate it very much.
    Thank you Paul

  • Hi Paul:

    Just wanna say thanks a lot. I bought Market Samurai through your link on 7/26/14, and received the refund on the same day.

    I really appreciate this, since there are so many scammers online, but you proved your weight in gold!..Have a good one. I have bookmarked your site for reference and referral to anyone who would like to buy this product.

  • Paul,
    Thank you so much for this wonderful rebate.
    I was reluctant at first since your post was dated year ago.
    Then I decided to purchase Samurai on 29 July 2014.
    And I got 37. USD rebate right back to my paypal by 30 July 2014 (in fact it may be same day as I am from other side of the world where Paul is.)

    So thank you so much for this wonderful golden nugget you are giving it away.


  • Hi,

    When I click on the link it takes me to a page where I can download some free stuff, but in order to buy Market Samurai, I have to click on another link that doesn’t have your affiliate info up in the address bar. Is this right? Thanks.

  • Yes that’s right but make sure that when you click my link all cookies are cleared as another affiliate might get credit if you don’t.

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