Step 1 : Marketing Research

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Marketing Research

The first step to any successful Google campaign is market research.
The very first thing you should do is create a list of terms that describes your product or service.  For this part, don’t think locally (in other words just your home town). Just think about general terms that people could use to find your business in Google.
A couple examples might make this easier.
You own a landscaping company: Landscaping, landscaper, yard work, gardener, gardening etc…
You own a day spa: Spa,day spa, hairdressers, massage, pedicures etc…
Take this time now to make a list of as many “keywords” as you can think of.  All of these terms you come up with, will be known as keywords from now on. Try to make this list as long as you can, and make sure to keep a copy of it because you will need it later.
If you are feeling stuck, just think about the services or products that your company offers. That is the perfect place to start when thinking about keywords. 
***NOTE*** Remember no local terms yet.  Don’t include your city or area in the keyword terms you are currently brainstorming.

Action Item:

  • Brainstorm your list of keywords related to your business.

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