Step 3 : Market Samurai

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Market Samurai

In the last step we used Google Adwords to sort a list of keywords in order of how much they are searched.  We kept this list general (not localised) because we wanted to have enough search results to properly rank them. In this next step, we quickly localize these terms.
Take your list of top ten searched terms and simply add your city to the front of them and to the end of them.  If you are a landscaper and “Landscaping” was your keyword, then it becomes:
“* your city* landscaping” 
“landscaping *your city*”
There you have it now you have local search terms. 
If you live in a small city, you might want to include other nearby cities you service in your keywords. You can also think about including your county (or township etc…) in the keywords.
Once you add the city/county to the front AND back of each keyword you should have a large list of great local search terms!
***NOTE*** The reason we add them to the back of the term as well is to make sure we catch the people searching for “landscaping in *your city”.  Google ignores the “in” (and other similar small words) so we don’t have to worry about that.
If you don’t want to manually create your list you can use a free service:
This website will allow you to put all of your keywords in box A, then your city (or cities) into box B.  You can then automatically add the cities to the front and back of each word using their online tool.

Action Item:

  • Take your top ten list of keywords and begin to add your city/county to it
  • Use keyword lizard to speed up the process

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