Step 5 : META Description Tag

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META Description Tag

In the last lesson we talked about changing the title tags on each of your pages.  We discussed how you will have to figure out how to access the code of your website, or ask your web designer to do it.
There is one more tag you should be changing and it is the META Description Tag.
This tag adds a description to each page. It’s another chance to use some great local keywords. When you create a description you are basically creating a small advertisement for your website. This description will show up when your site comes up in Google searches.
A typical Google search result will look like this:
Your Title Tag
Then right under will be your description like this.
I suggest trying to get your keywords into the description tag. Match the keywords in the description tag to the title tag you used. Keep the description less than 160 characters (including spaces) because that is all Google can display.
Here is an example of a title tag and description:
Manchester Landscaping
If you are looking for the best Manchester Landscaping, then you found them!  Check out our website for more info.
The key is to include your keyword from your title tag but to make it look natural. This is basically a 160 character ad for your website. Each page that has a unique title tag should have a unique description.
To change your description you have to access your website code (or get someone to do it) again. In the same <head> area look for:
<meta name=”Description” content=”***”>
Replace the stars with your 160 character description.

Action Item:

  • Amend your website meta descriptions with your chosen keywords and up to 160 characters of advertising text
  • If you struggle with this step ask your website designer to assist

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