Thrive Content Builder Review

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Since recording this review.

12th February 2014 update: Since recording this review a lot of positive changes has happened with Thrive Content Builder and Shane Melaugh has now officially released this plugin at a much reduced price. I will record a part two of this video showing how much it has improved in the next few days. 

This special price is only lasting for a few more days so make sure to grab it here.

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  • I liked the video and although there were some glitches it looks promising. I appreciate the effort on your part and found this to be quite informative.

    I feel I got a more accurate idea of how it will work than from a slick, rehearsed demo vid.

    Hopefully it will help to keep clients from trashing their sites once they are turned over to them

    Thanks again,

  • Glad you got something out of the video Pete!

    I have been using the plugin now for a while and I do enjoy the options it gives me to “spruce” up pages when the need arises.

    All the best!

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