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wholetones by Michael Tyrrell

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Paul Therond

Paul Therond

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  • geoff says:

    it’s amazing. i read all these wonderful reviews about these items,purchase them & put in the required time & effort, only to find out that i must be the only purchaser of these items who gets absolutely none of the claimed benefits of these products. wholetones falls into this category. save your money, time & effort- this product is all advertising hype, & nothing more, no matter how much the developer promotes his religious commitment & integrity.

  • Paul Therond says:

    Hi Geoff Im sorry to hear your comment about Wholetones. Was there something specific you were looking for that this music would do for you? Like a physical healing or relief from illness?

  • jeff kalata says:

    Will these cd’s help my girlfriend.She is in a coma and has bleeding on the brain.She is about to have a stomach tube installed.

  • Paul Therond says:

    I am so sorry to hear that Jeff! My advice would be to contact Michael Tyrrell and his team direct through their website wholetones.com to get their perspective.

  • Peter says:

    Hi Geoff, I found these musical pieces totally astounding. I find now that I can tolerate a lot more of the music (classical) that I had little time for before: just by tuning (my studio) up a nudge to 444hz. It helps if you can recognise/target any internal suffering’s symptoms, and notice any changes while listening to Micheal’s music

  • Paul Therond says:

    Thanks for your comment Peter and I’m so glad that you are enjoying Wholetones! All the best to you.