LinkedIn Top for B2B Client Engagement

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LinkedIn is business-to-business (B2B) firms’ social go-to for product launches, and recent research indicates that it’s also huge for engaging customers throughout the sales process.


 193003In June 2015 polling by Regalix, 91% of B2B marketing executives worldwide said they used LinkedIn for marketing purposes. This put the social network in second place by 2 percentage points, behind Twitter’s 93%. Meanwhile, Facebook trailed far behind in third place, at 68%.

Twitter had nothing on LinkedIn when it came to engagement before and after a sale though, and neither did any other social network. Fully 64% of B2B marketing execs said LinkedIn was effective at engaging customers during the presale stage of the buying cycle, vs. 47% who said the same for No. 2 Twitter and just 17% for second-to-last place Facebook.

Once the deal is closed, LinkedIn still reigns. Fully 51% of respondents said LinkedIn was effective for engaging customers post-sale, while 42% said the same about Twitter and three in 10 about Facebook.

eMarketer estimated in April 2015 that LinkedIn ad revenues worldwide would rise 21.1% in 2015 to reach $903.6 million. In March 2015, we projected that US LinkedIn ad dollars would hit $531.5 million this year, up 18.1% year over year.

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