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Paul Therond
Social Multiplier VPS

Social Multiplier 2 provides the ability to harness the pinning power of over 150 million people to drive traffic to your website. It kind of reminds me of the Google infancy days where it was so easy to get traffic to new websites.

With Social Multiplier 2 these days seem to be firmly back but this time with Pinterest.

I have been testing the software for just under a day now and already have over 150 pins and 15 followers. I was supposed to be testing Social Multiplier 2 for longer now but had some issues setting it up as I am not based in the USA.

So this tutorial will cover the full Social Multiplier setup process including VPS & Proxies

By covering this here it will help to solve the only flaw I have come across when using Social Multiplier 2 – namely that it was designed for use by people based in the USA and not internationally.

Why use a VPS?

Very simple: You want social multiplier 2 to be running 24/7. So unless you have a local machine that is permanently connected to the Internet, you are going to want to have a VPS. Don’t worry there is a really cheap VPS by Servarica for only $12 p/m which is what Jonathan Leger has used and it’s working well for me at the moment with SM2.

SideNote: I have had some reports mentioning that Servarica have been experiencing some performance issues. So I thought I would suggest two other reputable (but cheap) providers for your consideration.


  • PowerUp Hosting – $15 per month for 1 CPU and 1GB ram and $30 per month for 2 CPU and 2GB ram.
  • cheapwindowsvps – $10 per month and $20 per month for the same configuration as above.

Why use Proxies?

If you are an international user this is an absolute must as Social Multiplier 2 is currently only configured to work with US Pinterest accounts. So the proxy will make Pinterest think you are accessing the site from the US.
If you are already in the US you could get away with not using a proxy for your first 2 Pinterest accounts on Social Multiplier 2. Any more than that and you will need to get a proxy to be safe so that your IP is not flagged by Pinterest for abuse.

Very important that you get a private proxy, not a shared one. Some providers include.

Any of the above will do for this purpose.

Now lets get into the Pinterest setup process

  • It’s very important to follow this process exactly as missing one step could flag your IP with Pinterest and you would then need to buy another proxy. This happened to me, but it doesn’t need to happen to you!
  • If you are US-based you can skip straight to the VPS setup.

First things first you will need to get your proxy and set it up on your browser ideally Firefox so you can signup to Pinterest. Once you have signed up for your proxy using one of the options above or your preferred provider you login to your account and you will be presented with your list of proxies.

Click any image on this page to zoom.

Copy your proxy IP and port to paste into Firefox network settings.

Copy your proxy IP and port to paste into Firefox network settings.

Some proxy providers provide a username and password too like the above screenshot. When this is the case you will need to input them into Firefox also.

Very important: Whitelist your local IP address within your private proxy control panel. Visit and enter that detail in the whitelist area. See example screenshot below.

Some proxy providers might call it whitelist etc. Enter your IP address here and press update.

Some proxy providers might call it whitelist etc. Enter your IP address here and press update.

Now if you don’t have firefox already you can download it here.

Now open Firefox and click the hamburger icon top right and click options. Then click advanced, then network and where it has connection – configure how firefox connects to the Internet click settings. You will now see the following.


Now add your new proxy IP in the “HTTP” Proxy area and enter your port number. If you have a proxy password and username you don’t enter it here but every time you start a new browser session in Firefox.

You can now signup for Pinterest in the browser

Pinterest will believe you are now accessing the site from the USA, which is perfect.

BUT before browsing to Pinterest make sure to clear your browser cache. Same process as before where you click the hamburger icon top right, then click history – clear recent history and you will see this.


Just to be safe select everything and all the check boxes and press clear now.

It is now safe to browse to Pinterest and sign up.

The sign-up process takes just seconds – make sure to select the business account setup process. Setting up social multiplier 2 with a personal Pinterest account could very well get you banned with SM2

You now have a US Pinterest business account and we can setup social multiplier 2 on your VPS.


Pinterest will send you an email asking you to confirm your account email address.
Now to be extra safe DON’T click the button in the email, but right click it and copy the URL and paste it into the browser you signed up for Pinterest with. In this example copy, paste into Firefox and click go. Voila USA account confirmed.

Setting up the VPS

Ok first step is to browse to Servarica or your chosen VPS.

For Servarica – on the homepage click the hyperlink that says Special Windows VPS Offer: 1GB RAM with 24GB HD for only 12$/Month

Then click add to cart and proceed to payment.

You now have a VPS server and when its ready they will email you your login details. This could take anywhere from 1 hour to a few hours depending on the time of day you order.

Once you have the login details you can now use a remote desktop app like Windows RDP to access your VPS as follows.

Open up Windows RDP and click the session menu and connect to or (CTRL+Q) you will see the following.


Enter your personal VPS details as contained in the welcome email from Servarica. Enter the IP address of your VPS where it asks for server name. Also enter your username and password and click connect.

You will now see the following screen.

Looks familiar right!

Open Firefox on the VPS (I believe Servarica had this installed and waiting the first time I logged onto the VPS) and download Social Multiplier 2.

Also, make sure to install Microsoft C Runtime on the VPS – download from here

Once you have installed those 2 things you can log in to SM2 and set it up as instructed in Jonathan Leger’s first-time user guide.

Make sure to enter your proxy IP and port as you did when you set up Firefox before signing up for the Pinterest account.

Do not attempt to use Social Multiplier 2 to connect to Pinterest without this proxy now. Pinterest must think you accessing it from the same location, otherwise, their security protocols may begin asking questions about your account.

Here is the screen in SM2 where you enter your proxy details.

If your private proxy has a username and password make sure to enter it too.

If you are unable to add your Pinterest account it may be because you forgot to whitelist your local IP in your private proxy control panel. See the proxy setup process above again for those instructions.

Dont have Social Multiplier 2 yet?

See the full demo for yourself.

See Demo

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