Paul Therond

Paul Therond

Today I was having a look at Appsumo Briefcase and noticed they are including CloudApp which I know will be of interest to many of you so I thought a review was most certainly in order.

So what is CloudApp?

Basically an illustrator and teacher’s best friend for capturing info on the screen and making it easier to understand. Kind of like Microsoft One Note or Snagit, which I have been using for years now but with more interesting features, most notably the cloud for easy sharing of your captures. It was that feature that got me the most intrigued compared to Snagit as I will explain below.

It is completely free, to begin with so to really follow along I suggest signing up for the FREE account, after which it will begin a download of the CloudApp client to your computer.


Once downloaded and installed it will ask you to sign in to your newly created CloudApp account and will run you through a quick tutorial on how to take screenshots, recordings and gifs. It then highlights it’s KING feature which is immediate link creation for sharing.

So for example when you take a screenshot it will automatically create a copy in the cloud and then copy a link to your clipboard for you to share with your colleagues. VOILA!

This is a massive time saver for teams sharing information with each other compared to Snagit, which require an extra step to share.

Now once you have created your screenshot you need to be able to annotate it. So let’s see how that looks in CloudApp.


The above screenshot was annotated with CloudApp and as you can see all the key features you need for editing are there.

So the next question is how it handles video recordings and the .gif creator. For me personally, I am most interested in the screen recordings but will also demonstrate the gif tool.

First screen recordings

My first recording with CloudApp wasn’t ideal as the audio seemed to “hiccup” near the end. However, this might have had something to do with my laptop being short on battery at the time. The 2nd recording you can see below and judge for yourself the quality.

As you can see audio and video quality are good – I do wonder if I can get rid of the finish and pause buttons. Possibly something that can be changed in settings – will let you know once I know.

Now let’s look at the gif creator

Click the image to see the gif animation.

CloudApp Gif Creator

The above is an illustration of using the annotation feature for screenshots in CloudApp.

So in closing

Is CloudApp worth $8 a month compared to the one-time fee of Snagit?

Well, that depends entirely on your workflow. If you are creating a lot of screenshots and sharing that with colleagues then yes the time you save because of the cloud and automatic links it creates for sharing would be well worth it.

However, possibly the best deal on CloudApp is when you get it as part of the AppSumo Briefcase. It’s only worth it if you are interested in more than just CloudApp obviously. Personally, Invanto looks really interesting to me as part of this deal too.

Otherwise, CloudApp for just $8 is here.

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