The Ultimate “Programmer”

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So this beautiful sunny morning I was walking down the stairs with my cup of tea and a thought struck me.

As I was walking, I became consciously aware of my muscles I was using to perform this simple act we take for granted of walking down stairs. Especially how the feet are arching and moving to provide balance and push power to get me to where I’m going without falling head over heels.

This made me think how we humans have tried to replicate this with robots.

As impressive as the technology is (see video from the 45s mark) compared to the early days of Asimo, you won’t be seeing Atlas climbing Everest any time soon.

So to say we have been wonderfully made

Is an understatement

We really do pride ourselves on our “capabilities” and intelligence. Yet we haven’t been able to replicate the most basic of life functions – moving.

Never mind the fact that man don’t even possess the most advanced natural motions, you have to go to the animal kingdom for that. The speed and beauty of a cheetah in full stride, or the incredible dexterity of mountain goats as they escape a snow leopard.

Do we honestly believe this all came about by evolutionary chance?

As our modern “ignorant” scientists would have us believe.

I’m sure if you have a grain of common sense in you, you will see that all the complexity and beauty of life didn’t come about by chance. It was intentional by a higher intelligence responsible for bringing it altogether.

Science fiction would have you believe these higher powers are aliens who helped the Egyptians build the Great Pyramids and in a way this is entirely true.

Christianity and originally Jews teach us His name is Jehovah or in the original Hebrew text Yahweh.

Us modern folk simply call Him God.

Whether it fits in with your beliefs or not

You cannot escape the fact.

The Divine Being Christians and Jews call God, really is the Ultimate Programmer.

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