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So today I want to talk about Regus and specifically their gold membership option which includes access to over 3000 locations around the world.

I have been fortunate to use these offices around the globe and have generally been very impressed with the facilities and service. I say generally as some of the Regus offices (one in particular in Edinburgh, Scotland) have been absolute dumps but then you try another one, (Collins street, Melbourne springs to mind) which is amazing and suddenly the whole Regus world becomes right again.

As I am writing this today from the 10th floor of an Auckland, New Zealand skyscraper, I have an earl grey sitting in my “thinkpod” and I have just been enjoying views towards Rangitoto (extinct volcano) and the Waitemata harbor. Granted, this view is partial and not nearly as good as the Regus I visited the other day but still, this is an excellent space to get some work done.

This is especially true when compared to what a lot of digital professionals like myself do which is sit in Starbucks updating their websites and emailing their audience. I have never been one of these people, I could never sit in a busy and overcrowded Starbucks and reach any seemingly positive state of work. In fact, I never could get a single thing done in Starbucks or any other coffee shop with so much “environmental noise” around.

Needless to say – Regus for me is a bit of a lifesaver.

Being able to leave the home office behind (with all of its distractions) and get into an environment which is focused with other like-minded people on getting work done is great.

However, as you may have already picked up Regus can be a very hit and miss experience in terms of the facilities. Some have excellent and comfortable business lounges with great iconic landmark views and others literally feel like an afterthought. I know I keep bringing this up but my experience in the Edinburgh Princes Street Regus keeps standing out in my mind. They didn’t even have a proper business lounge just a large co-working space with a window looking directly at a brick wall. I will give them this though, they had a kitchen with unlimited teas/coffees and they had good Internet. So at the very least, this is the bare minimum Regus experience you can expect which still allows me to be very productive as long as I don’t stare at the brick wall out the windows!

So the reason for writing this today is to document my experiences of using Regus around the world and which ones are a hit and which ones are a miss. I also hope to begin some discussion here in the comments about your experiences, which you can do below.

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