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I am starting a new challenge today to start 2019 STRONG!

For the next three months I’m committing to write one app, software or WordPress plugin review a day. See my latest posts and why I think you that if you decide to join me it could be the start of something good us all.

Why Reviews?

I am blessed to be in the position of a full time eMarketer now for the last 7 years and as the online marketing space has evolved and changed I have seen that one thing has remained constant.

Reviews work!

  • If you want to be a best selling author you need Amazon reviews
  • If you want to sell more of your products or service you need reviews
  • You want diners in your restaurant you need those Yelp reviews

All this to say reviews has and always will be an essential part of any online marketing strategy and why I have also decided to dedicate a whole chapter to it in my upcoming training course – but more on that at a later date. See my latest reviews below and make sure to leave a comment with your own experiences using these tools or with reviews in general. Their is a secret treasure download for each first time commenter.

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