Social Warfare Pro Review

Make your content go viral with this easy to use WordPress plugin.

With so many social sharing plugins on the market, how do you choose the right one for you?

Social Warfare would like to answer this question with a novel approach. Not only do they provide an easy to use plugin that looks great on your blog but the Pro version focuses on how your content looks off your blog. That is the key distinction with Social Warfare, so lets see if it delivers.

What is Social Warfare?

Social Warfare is a WordPress plugin designed to lightly sit on top of your entire WordPress site to encourage people to share your content. You have complete control over where and how it displays and most importantly how it looks off your website on networks like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Social Warfare (parent company BeWarfare) have three plugins in their arsenal as of right now and they include:

  • Social Warfare “Lite”
  • Social Warfare Pro
  • Social Warfare – AffiliateWP integration (very good tool for your affiliates to share product pages with their links)

The free version of Social Warfare which you can get here. (Highly recommended)

And once you are comfortable with the basic controls your next question will be why go Pro? So let us have a look at those features now


Social Warfare Pro vs Free

Social Warfare Free

Great option to simply allow sharing of content
$ Free Forever
  • Share on six default networks
  • Control how share buttons show across different areas of your site
  • Easy drag and drop editor for active social networks
  • Floating share buttons with animations make buttons get noticed
  • Add your personal handler to share buttons to increase followers
  • Frame buster to prevent pirates from framing your content
  • Click to tweet with templates

Social Warfare Pro

More export options and controls
$ 29-349 Annually
  • Everything in basic
  • Up to 15 social networks to share on
  • More style options to match your site branding
  • Click tracking to see exact share activity
  • Priority support

A few thoughts on the above

Don’t get me wrong as a free plugin Social Warfare does more than some other paid options out there – it really is a great tool. It has the six most popular networks of Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Google+ and Mix and gives you full control on how the buttons display including animations and floating. It also has the click to tweet button with a number of styles to choose from to stand out from the rest of your content. So all in all a great tool and free!

But Social Warfare Pro version really shines not so much in the fact that it has more networks to allow people to share but rather in the fact that it allows the control of how your content displays for example on Twitter. Consider this example:

Tweet 1

Tweet 2

Which would you click?

I’m sure most agree that tweet 2 would be the winner purely because of its use of a well sized image that is clear and not pixelated compared to a tweet with no visuals whether jpeg or gif. Gif is a whole other story on how much more clicks it can get and Social Warfare Pro has you covered with all these options.

And this is the power of going Pro – when you have complete control on how each post renders on each social network you stand a much greater chance of getting more clicks to your website and getting a snowball effect of even more shares.

Do I recommend it?

Free version 100% yes! It’s easy to use and looks great.

Pro Version for as little as $29 per year to dramatically boost click through – seems like a no brainer! 


Social Warfare Coupon or Discount?


At this time there is no Social Warfare Pro coupon or discount.

There was literally just a coupon code a few days ago for Cyber Monday and knowing from past history they do have seasonal sales from time to time – I remember one for 4th of July too. A good strategy if you are counting the pennies would be to use the free one until the next sale starts then you can just hit that upgrade button and save more than likely 50% again.

That makes Social Warfare Pro even more of a steal at just $14.50 per year.

However it may be possible to organize other deals for you which is what my company ImDiscountCodes is all about. If enough people express interest in this we are able to organize exclusive deals on any number of apps, software and plugins you may need.

Visit to express your interest. (Talk to the friendly deal hunting bot)