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Trusted by SEO agencies around the world could SEOProfiler be your only SEO tool?

I remember when I first reviewed this tool in 2012 and I was so impressed with their audit tool which if you achieved a score of at least 95% they guaranteed you would get a top 10 ranking. Pretty bold stuff but when you looked under the hood you could see why. A lot has changed in the SEO landscape in 2018 and the question stands, “Is SEOprofiler still a good choice?”

What is SEOprofiler?

SEOprofiler is a complete SEO toolkit for getting top rankings on Google and other search engines. It consists of a number of key tools like rank tracking, keyword research, back link audits, local and mobile SEO, competitive intelligence and even up-time monitoring. 

And for all the agencies out there it has full white labeling for your brand. This and the quality of the back link database in SEOprofiler is why manay agencies around the world use this tool to manage their client’s SEO. If you do decide to choose SEOprofiler for your needs you will definitely be in some good company like Thomson Reuters and to name a few.

Standout features:


In my original review of SEOprofiler I was impressed at the boldness of their claims of guaranteeing a top 10 listing if you got a score of 95% on their website audit tool. This tool was and still is excellent but I do notice that they don’t promote it with a guaranteed ranking claim anymore, which I think is smart.  I commented on this in my old review but from a marketing point of view anytime someone promises you anything to do with SEO rankings you should run!

So it’s good SEOprofiler doesn’t market this as much but that is not to say that the ingenious website audit tool is not as good as before – it’s still there and pumping out valuable data based on the current top 10 ranked sites in Google. It uses this data to then show you a personal report of what you need to do whether that be on-page work such as title tags and content or whether you need to build links and even who to approach to get these links.

The fact that it uses current top 10 listings in Google means the reports are always keeping pace with Google and their ever changing algorithms so you don’t focus your attention on the wrong sites.

Another standout is the ability to alert you to important keywords that you should be focusing on. You know those keywords that are maybe position 11-13 or even 3-5 on Google that with a little bit extra work could easily get a better rank. See this below

Keyword ranking opportunities report in SEOprofiler


Some more features before we discuss pricing:

SEOprofiler has agencies in mind with their local and mobile SEO ranking reports. This is valuable for presenting your clients with exact information on how they are ranking in their local regions and how they rank on mobile. 

The keyword research tool in SEOprofiler is one of the better ones you will find as it includes an intelligent and automatic keyword suggestion feature based on your keywords and their own database of 249 million keywords in 41 countries and languages. If you have never thought of multilingual SEO now definitely is a good time and SEOprofiler has you covered.

No review of an SEO tool would be complete without a mention of link building and SEOprofiler does have one Ace up it’s sleeve in the form of something called the “Link Influencer Tool“. The basic idea is that SEOprofiler will find other websites that have shown a tendency to link to others and most importantly possibly yours. It does this by identifying sites with at least two links to other sites in the top rankings for a particular keyword. It then presents this data as part of an opportunity report for you to take action on.

And that leads nicely on the last feature I will talk about for now and that is the opportunities tab which is really helpful for keeping you focused on the most important tasks to improve your search engine results. I know how hard it can be to focus on the stuff that matters especially with all the different opinions out there so consider SEOprofiler your accountability buddy. It works!

Ok with that discussion of just a small snippet of the standout SEOprofiler features let’s now discuss the four SEOprofiler plans and their key features. Note the Smart plan offer for $1 – highly recommended.

SEOProfiler Pricing Plans


Great for solo (non-agency) SEO
Per Month
  • Daily ranking check of 500 keywords
  • Audit of 20,000 pages
  • 10 projects
  • 1 user
  • Standard reports
  • No link disinfection tool

Smart Plan

Link disinfection tool included
1 trial Per Month
  • Daily ranking check of 1,000 keywords
  • Audit of 50,000 pages
  • 50 projects
  • 5 users
  • White-label reports
  • Link disinfection tool


More projects and clients
Per Month
  • Daily ranking check of 2,500 keywords
  • Audit of 150,000 pages
  • 150 projects
  • 15 users
  • White-label reports
  • Link disinfection tool


Unlimited everything
Per Month
  • Daily ranking check of 10,000 keywords
  • Audit of 750,000 pages
  • Unlimited projects
  • Unlimited users
  • White-label reports
  • Link disinfection tool

A few thoughts on the above

It’s clear to see which is the most popular plan for SEOprofiler and the one they really want you to use considering their Smart Plan offer for 1 Euro. This really gives you the full experience of SEOprofiler including their link disinfection tool which is incredibly handy especially in the face of any negative SEO attacks your website may have experienced.

You wouldn’t believe how common SEO espionage is, I even saw the other day that a tool (which shall remain nameless) paid people to bounce off your competitors’s website thereby hurting their credibility scores on Google. This does exist and why a tool like link disinfection is important and could be the secret sauce missing from getting you the page one ranking you deserve.

The other key feature that will be of interest to agencies is the white label reporting. See below a screenshot of what this looks like.

Do I recommend SEOprofiler?

I can wholeheartedly recommend SEOprofiler especially at the trial price of 1 Euro for 30 days. This will give you a very feel of how the app works for you and the insights you gain on what to improve. After the 30 days you may find you don’t need all the features of the Smart plan and are quite happy with the standard reports and no link disinfection – both plans are viable and well suited to most people.

However if you run a SEO agency with more than 50 clients you will need to purchase the professional or even Enterprise level plan which gives you unlimited everything.

But for most I would recommend the Smart Plan for just 1 Euro here.

Begin your SEOprofiler Trial

professional level seo tools for solo users and agencies

SEOprofiler Coupon or Discount?

At this time the SEOprofiler discount or coupon code offer is only available on the Smart Plan where you get 30 days of access for 1 Euro.

Anything over and above this does become available from time to time in the form of bonuses and coupon codes which is what my other company ImDiscountCodes is all about. If enough people express interest in this we are able to organize exclusive deals on any number of apps, software and plugins you may need.

Visit to express your interest. (Talk to the friendly deal hunting bot)

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33 Responses

  1. Hi. It’s a very good review of Seoprofiler. I saw you recommend Market Samurai as well in your sidebar. I’m looking for improve my competitive analysis and rank in Google. What are the main differences between both? Which one do you recommend to moving faster and keep an eye over competitors?


  2. Hi Juan, thanks for your feedback! 🙂

    I actually use both Market Samurai and SEO Profiler religiously. Market Samurai is the first tool I use to build main keyword ideas I am going to rank my pages for and also to build a list of long tail key phrases for the purposes of blogging.

    I then use SEOprofiler more for the technical website audit side of things, tracking keyword rankings (which you have to pay more for in Market Samurai) and then finally to build links, spy on competitors etc.

    I think you will find the user experience of SEOprofiler more enjoyable than the Samurai when it comes to the manual and technical aspects of building on-page and off-page ranking factors. However when it comes to the keyword research it is very difficult to beat Market Samurai, which is far better than SEOprofiler.

    I will be writing a review of Market Samurai soon (booked for today) 🙂 So keep an eye out for that too.

  3. Cheers Juan let me know how you come along with it. Make sure also to go through their training it is well worth it to get the most out of the tool. Same can be said about Market Samurai.

  4. I am gonna do the free trial on seoprofiler I have been doing all the seo for my site manually, and am getting tired hope the software works for me

  5. It’s a great tool Cesar. Let me know how you come along with it. My suggestion though would be to pay for the $1 trial to unlock all the tools, the free version is very limited in functionality. I have also just loaded a video on this blog post showing some of the key things I use in SEOprofiler. Make sure to check it out.

  6. That’s great Athul. My only question would be whether you are on the free version or did you try the $1 full unlock trial? Try the $1 option as this unlocks all the tools of SEOprofiler. The video that I have uploaded above shows the full version, which has tools I use daily that the free version doesn’t have. Well worth trying, its the best I have seen.

  7. Paul, thank you so much for your SEO profiler review. I was in search of a software to analyze
    competitors to my new blog i am about to start. I came across SEO profiler and wanted to get an honest review.

    Thanks Again. 🙂

  8. Great! The honest truth is that there are other tools which I could refer to you all and make more affiliate commission on, but this tool in my opinion really is the best bang for your buck.

  9. I totally agree with you.

    SEO Profiler is worth for every penny you spend on it.

    The best thing about this tool is that we wont even realize that you are doing something but at the end your site end up being first. Also it has everything from link building to spying your competitor.

    Thanks for sharing it buddy.


  10. Im glad you agree Michael I am clearly preaching to the converted!

    However one thing that does worry me from the people I see signing up to SEOprofiler is how many of them just try the free plan and don’t pay the $1 to unlock the full Smart plan version. I made this mistake myself and was just about to toss out SEOprofiler as an option, but Im very glad I decided to give them one more chance on a full $1 trial.

    So for anybody else reading this review, I highly recommend you try the $1 option after signing up for your free account.

  11. Hi Paul,

    Just wondering why there’s such a big difference between the number of backlinks showing on SEOProfiler and the number of backlinks on OSE? Am I missing something here..?

  12. Hi! Thanks for getting in touch and it’s a great question because I have seen the same discrepancies myself.

    So I thought I would contact SEOprofiler and get their opinion on the matter.

    We have our own web crawlers that find new backlinks:

    The purpose of SEOprofiler is not to report every possible backlink to your website. The purpose of SEOprofiler is to help you to get _new_ and _better_ backlinks.

    More data does not always lead to more insights. By focusing on the important links, you will save time.

    Our web crawlers continually visit web pages and index the links on these web pages. New backlinks are added to our database on a daily basis.

    The more backlinks the web page with the link to your web page has, the quicker SEOprofiler will find the backlink to your site.

    The main purpose of SEOprofiler is to help you to get new backlinks to your website. The backlink analysis shows the most important links that have the biggest impact on the rankings of a website. If a link doesn’t influence the position of a webpage much, it might not be listed in the backlink analysis of a site.

    It is also possible that a backlink is not listed in the backlink analysis because our web crawlers haven’t visited the page with your link yet.

    If you want to find out through which links other people find your website or if you want to know which other sites link to you, you can do that with any website statistics program, for example Google Analytics.

    SEOprofiler helps you to find new resources that will increase the position of your site on search engines.

    Hope this helps… My personal viewpoint is to take all back link indicators with a pinch of salt and as SEOprofiler say focus more on the opportunities.

  13. It’s awlays nice to read you reviews. How long we can use full 1 $ trial? Is there alternative for SEO profiler and Market Samurai? Tnx

  14. Hi there!

    The SEOprofiler trial lasts for one month and in terms of an alternative you really only have options such as SEOMOZ (starting at $99 p/m) or even Ahrefs (which I have not tested myself) If you are interested in a free trial of SEOMOZ you may want to have a look at this page

    Now in terms of alternatives to Market Samurai, I really would advise to stick with it over other ones. If price is a factor to you, you may be interested in becoming a member of as I offer a $40 rebate to my members.

    All the best to you my friend!

  15. I believe it is only 1 site. However I really dont recommend their FREE trial as it is very limited in features. Pay for access and test out all features and if it’s not for you, request a refund within 30 days. Win-Win!

  16. Hi. A great review indeed. I have not signed up with SEOProfiler yet.Their web page says “10,000 managed backlinks”. Is that how many backlinks THEY WILL CREATE? or will just manage them IF I HAVE THEM (which I dont)? Thanks a lot.

  17. hey just read your article , but i still have a doubt, like my site has got no back links yet , so if i try the 1 $ program and by any chance if i am not able to keep up with costs later on so will all the back links that i had generated through the program will be gone or no more refer back to my site.

  18. Hi! We’ve launched a new SEO-tool and we’d love if you tested it and shared your opinion in your blog. We’ll create a test account for you and provide a worry-free support.

    A short summary of our key features:
    1) Rank-tracker (on-demand and scheduled reports, all locations)
    2)Keyword research
    3) Automated keyword grouping tool (clustering)
    4) Website Auditor
    5) Website Watcher (tracks title and description changes)
    6)Index status checker

    I hope to hear from you and will be satisfied to answer any of your questions.

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