The Life of Abraham in the Bible

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It’s always a good idea when picking up the bible to pray that Holy Spirit guide you during your time, I’m sure glad I did today because now I’m typing this post and have been inspired by this man that Christians call Father Abraham.

It’s so good to go back to stories of old and read with fresh eyes and the more I read about Abraham the more I am inspired by how unconventional he is.

Here is a man that gets a call from the Lord to leave his father’s house and go to a land I will show you and I will make you a great nation. He had no idea where he was going, but he went anyway. He proceeds with his wife Sarai, nephew Lot and all their possessions and the people they had acquired in Haran or in today’s speak slaves. 

Who does that?

Clearly a man who has no doubt he heard the voice of God.

They then enter a famine and go to Egypt and Abram (He is not Abraham yet) tells his wife to lie to the Egyptians that she is his sister and not his wife because she is very beautiful and word indeed spreads in Egypt and Pharoah takes Sarai as his wife.  We then hear that the Lord curses Pharaoh and his household with plagues and Pharoah summons Abram to find the reason for this deception which the scriptures tells us was because of Abram’s fear of being killed so Sarai could be taken from him.

Not sounding quite so much as the mighty man of faith right now is he?

What does Abram get for his deception? Oh just a whole load of sheep, oxen, donkeys, male and female servants and camels. In other words he gets super blessed even amidst his treachery.

I don’t know about you but that says a lot to me about the faithfulness of God even when we really mess things up with our own logical minds. When He promises us something it is irrevocable – because for all intensive purposes Abram should have been killed by the Egyptians for how he handled the situation but they knew His God was with him so they didn’t dare!

Then we hear about Abram and Lot and how Abram is very generous and “Uncle-like” by letting Lot have first choice of where to settle. Lot chooses what he thinks is the best most fertile land but as we learn this area is filled with strife and war and Lot gets captured by an alliance of ancient kings who seize Sodom.

Abram hears about this and what does he do? He takes 318 of his best trained men and went in pursuit as far as Dan and defeats this alliance of kings at Hobah, north of Damascus.

It was at this moment for me that was literally a mic drop moment and when that imagery of this incredible almost rock star like persona started to develop for me. This guy lived life at a whole other level!

He wasn’t this meek and mild holy man. He was a pagan from Ur of the Chaldeans with some incredible street savvy and battle hardened resolve who got the job done when he was called by God. The key to Abram was that he believed and it was credited to him as righteousness. I know for me Abram definitely doesn’t conjure up recent imagery of what holy men look like. We have religion and the art they commissioned to blame for that.

God’s definition of holy men are passionate warriors who seek and cry out to Him at every moment they can. Think David the man after God’s own heart and again another study of imperfect men leading lives at a higher dimension with God.

It’s high time that the image religion has created for spiritual men and women changes, don’t you think? There certainly are elements of meekness but more often that not God is wanting warriors who completely rely on His strength and guidance to see and do things you would not believe even if you were told.

A person like Abram is inspiring and a complete stand out from the crowd that even kings and priests (Melchizedek) blessed him. And the good news is that we through the sacrifice of Jesus are.

Children of Abraham

Through faith in Jesus and our adoption as sons and daughters of God we are heirs and what do heirs have? Inheritance, so with that in mind shouldn’t we too be operating in this Abraham mantle?

Leading lives of faith and destiny that impacts the lives of generations to come. We can get started today to walk in this mantle in our immediate circles of influence and see how God grows this. Remember Abram started where you are right now but he was called to leave his father’s house and land to go to a land yet unknown. This new land could be figurative but in many cases it will be literal, pray that God leads you now.

Father God I thank you for the blessings and promises of Abraham operating in our lives right now. We receive your good and we declare our faith and trust in you, just as Abram did all those thousands of years ago. We pray for greater measures of faith to operate in all areas of our life so that we may walk in the ancient paths you ordained for us.


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