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Increase online engagement with Vyper Gamification

In 2019, churning out content is no longer the best way to stand out from the crowd. What if there was a way to reward the users you already have to spread the word about your business?
Sounds good? Introducing

This review of Vyper will be more comprehensive than most others because I will first look at the concept of gamification and why this is important in today’s online marketing environment.

And then look at how Vyper fulfills the requirements of being a true gamification platform and whether investing in it at this early stage is a good idea. And if you are looking to get the best deal on Vyper, I will let you know on what to expect in the way of Vyper coupon codes.

What is gamification?

The official definition of gamification is:

The application of typical elements of game playing (e.g. point scoring, competition with others, rules of play) to other areas of activity, typically as an online marketing technique to encourage engagement with a product or service.

As you can see from the definition above, the term Gamification links closely to the online marketing arena and you see it most dramatically in the way social media has completely taken over our society. The simple “dopamine hit reward” of a like fuels hours of people’s obsession to get the perfect shot of their staged lives for example. (But that is a whole other topic for another day).

But the premise of gamification and how powerful it can be for increasing engagement remains true, which is why companies are trying more creative ways of continuing this trend of increasing loyalty online through several new tools which focus on rewards and virality. 

There are two broad categories of gamification which include Rewards Programmes and Contests. Now you might think to yourself, “Wait a minute that is nothing new!” And you would be right but what the Internet has allowed on a much grander scale than ever before is the concept of virality.

The element that is new is how easy it is to share your experiences and get rewarded for it through some company specific reward or winning a competition. The easier it is for people to share the more likely they will be especially if you are rewarding them. It is this element of making the sharing process easier and seamless where apps like Vyper come into play.

What is Vyper?

Vyper is an SAAS (software as a service) app for enabling viral contests and rewards programmes for your online users. It installs on any website regardless of technology you use and it allows for easy sharing of your campaigns. You can see an example screenshot of the app below.

Who are the founders of Vyper?

Jack paxton vyper
Jack Paxton

Jack Paxton is a cofounder of Vyper and their CMO. You will see him extensively mentioned on their company blog and other marketing campaigns such as their podcasts with other successful SAAS founders and startups. 

How to use Vyper?

Vyper is intuitive to use and I can illustrate it best in the video below.

Vyper Key Features

  • Run viral contests and rewards programmes
  • Easy landing page builder for contest campaigns
  • Dynamic Leaderboards to spur more action
  • Verified bonus entries to prevent fraudulent clicks
  • Generate referral traffic with "refer-a-friend bonuses"
  • Send follow up emails with no email service provider needed
  • Grow revenue with milestone rewards
  • Allow customers to earn points with purchases

Vyper Client Reviews

Eric Siu, CEO Single Grain
Love VYPER. Have been using for awhile and it's been super helpful for collecting more leads!
Matthew Karsten, founder Expert Vagabond
Whoa, you guys sure know what you're doing! 173% increase in email subscribers with VYPER compared to the last giveaway service I used...
Nathan Chan, CEO at Foundr Magazine
Generated over 10k emails subs in 9 days using this giveaway + tool + growth hacking strategies.

Next I would like to compare two plans of Vyper to show you their pricing strategy.

Vyper Pro vs Vyper Enterprise

Vyper Pro

$ 49 Per Month
  • Use of all Vyper tools
  • 10,000 participants per month
  • Use embedded forms
  • Contains Vyper branding

Vyper Enterprise

$ 149 Per Month
  • Everything in Pro plus
  • 30,000 participants per month
  • Remove Vyper branding
  • Custom domains
  • Cryptocurrency contests

A few thoughts on the above

The first thing to notice about pricing is that you get a better deal of 30% off when signing up to an annual plan.

The other thing to keep in mind is participants which I feel Vyper have been generous by including 10,000 on their Pro plan which should be more than enough for even larger websites. If it was only 10,000 visitors that would be a different matter.

One negative I feel is how Vyper forces you into the Enterprise plan if you want to remove branding. This should automatically be an option for anyone who signs up to a paid plan. Branding should only be for free plans. 

Vyper Pros

  • Cheaper than competing solutions
  • Easy to use to create promotions
  • Easy for your users to share and earn rewards
  • Fraudulent entries detector

Vyper Cons

  • No truly free plan (only free trial and pay to activate)

Are there Up-sells?

Thankfully, after choosing your desired plan there are no up-sells, they present you with an easy to follow on-boarding process to get your first viral campaign up and running ASAP.

Vyper Alternatives?

There is a notable competitor to Vyper in the form of Gleam and one benefit of Gleam versus Vyper is that Gleam allows a free campaign option. The downside is they are continually trying to sell you to one of their premium plans when you are on the free plan and it can be tiresome.

Another new option which originally was a WordPress plugin only but is now also an SAAS is KingSumo by the Sumos behind AppSumo – worth a look for sure.

Do I recommend Vyper?

If you want to start an online viral marketing campaign, you definitely will be happy with Vyper.

What I like about Vyper is how they give you access to their app for free (with all features unlocked) so you can create the exact campaign you want with no limitations and when you are ready to launch only then do you pay. This gives you a fuller picture of what to expect before making payment.

This is so much better than competing freemium options where you keep running into roadblocks because not all the features you may need are available.

For this reason alone I recommend Vyper (even just to demo it).

Get started with Vyper

create viral contests and rewards for your users

Vyper Coupon or Discount?

Being a new company there have been several deals floating on the internet, however there don’t seem to be any valid promotions on Vyper. However, I have noticed a trend around seasonal holidays for excellent Vyper deals and coupons including most recently for Black Friday – another day to keep an eye on would be 4th of July. 

To make sure you see these promotions when they are live – sign up to Vyper and create your first campaign free.

I will display any other Vyper coupon codes found below (if any)

How to claim Vyper Bonuses?

Looking for a bonus when purchasing Vyper? Well, you are in the right place because when you use any link on this page to buy you can claim one of the premium bonus packs below. Important: Right click links and open in a new private/incognito window to ensure your claim with us. 

If you purchase today, I can offer you ONE of my premium Vyper bonuses. I have lined up great gift packs in the following categories.

  • Website and Graphic Design
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Conversion and analytics
  • Video Marketing
  • SEO Marketing
  • Social Media
  • eCommerce
  • Webmaster Tools
  • Marketing and PR

To claim a bonus pack email support at

Get started with Vyper

create viral contests and rewards for your users

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