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10 years ago

I recently got fed up with shared hosting at Hostgator (really, I should not have to explain to their tech support how a DNS works and force them to notice they have a problem!) and decided to look into VPS. I’d heard good things about Bluehost (had no idea VPS was such a new thing for them, though), and I found they had good pricing on VPS, so I signed up for the smallest VPS plan with a $30 monthly fee. At the time of sale, they offered me the $99 migration, but I turned it down. I’m fairly good… Read more »

10 years ago

55 hours taken not because of bluehost problem.. thats your problem,, if your site down, then why you waited for 55 hours…. this post is useless and redirecting bluehost customer to other.. Blue host is very good … my two friend taken the vps from bluehost and server not restarted and uptime for 23 days since starting account… fools are always fools… they cant escape

10 years ago

Thanks for this review! We are deciding which hosting company to choose from, as we are planning to move our VPS from Godadddy. We have been experiencing server issues as well, where the support guys say there is nothing wrong and the problem is on our side. Not possible though, cause it is a recurring problem from various kinds of connections. We were considering bluehost as it is recommended by wordpress, but it seems we may be better of with another option than a VPS?

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