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The Outline

Use Feedify to send unlimited targeted push notifications to your customers on schedule.

Feedify Pros & Considerations

Engage Customers Effortlessly

Your customers aren't checking your website every day to see what's new. Marketing emails can help, but they aren't enough. Your customers make decisions on the go, and the more you engage them, the more you sell. Imagine being able to reach them at the right time with the perfect offer.

Meet Feedify

Feedify is a powerful customer engagement tool that allows you to connect with your customers through targeted push notifications. This means more sales and better customer retention.

Benefits of Feedify

Unlimited Push Notifications

Send unlimited targeted offers directly to your customers' devices. Capture their attention and drive sales with timely notifications.

Real-Time Customization

Create customized push messages within seconds and preview them in real time. Ensure your brand messages look perfect on all devices.

Time-Saving Templates

Campaigning in volumes? Save hours with responsive templates. Simply pick and choose, and optimize your push messages effortlessly.

Strategic Customer Engagement

Timely Notifications

Customers could be browsing your competitor’s website after a long day. Schedule a push message with a price drop offer and pull them back to your site.

Product Launch Campaigns

Turn new product launches into top sellers. Use strategic push notifications to drive interest and sales quickly.

Geolocation Targeting

Target customers based on their geographical location or device. Time your campaigns for maximum conversion rates by identifying the most effective times to reach your audience.

Maximize Your Reach

Multi-Domain Engagement

With your Feedify account, you can add up to 5 domains. Engage customers across multiple businesses and boost revenue for each one.

Ideal for Entrepreneurs

Perfect for serial entrepreneurs or those aiming to become one. Keep your customers engaged in real time and increase sales with every notification.

Start Selling More Today

Keep your customers engaged and drive more traffic to your website with Feedify. Start sending targeted push notifications now and watch your revenue grow with every ping!

Feedify Lifetime Deal Discount

Retail Pricing: $125.00
LTD Starting From: $69.99

Are there Feedify Discounts or Coupon Codes

No extra discounts found

Conclusion: Is Feedify Right For You?

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