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Revolutionize Your Website Engagement with

Imagine boosting your website’s engagement effortlessly with personalized, automated notifications tailored to your visitors. is here to transform that vision into reality. With its advanced social proof algorithm, automatically sends customized notifications to your website or app visitors, enhancing their experience and driving conversions. Whether you’re a marketing guru or a novice, is designed for ease of use and seamless integration, requiring no technical expertise. Pros & Considerations

  • Easy Integration: Compatible with any website, store, or landing page
  • Customizable: Wide variety of triggers and notification types
  • Automated Marketing: Includes automated email reminders
  • User-Friendly: No web development or design skills needed
  • Diverse Notification Options: From informational messages to video widgets
  • Initial Setup: Requires some time to configure notifications
  • Starter Plan Limitations: Limited to 10 domains and 100 notifications

Main Features of

Awesome Notifications:

  • Informational: Customizable messages to inform users
  • Coupon: Announce sales and discounts
  • Live Counter: Show real-time visitor count to build trust
  • Email Collector: Gather emails and generate leads effortlessly
  • Conversions: Display recent conversions to build credibility
  • Video Widget: Embed informative YouTube videos
  • Social Share: Encourage content sharing to boost traffic
  • Reviews: Showcase client reviews to enhance trust
  • Emoji Feedback: Interactive feedback collection from users
  • Cookie Notification: Inform users about cookie usage
  • Score Feedback: Simplify user feedback with scoring
  • Request Collector: Easily collect leads and requests
  • Countdown Collector: Create urgency with countdowns
  • Custom HTML: Fully customizable notification widgets
  • Informational Bar: Place messages at the top or bottom of your site
  • Image Widget: Display informative images
  • Collector Bar: Gather emails or leads unobtrusively
  • Coupon Bar: Highlight live discounts with eye-catching bars
  • Button Bar: Promote offers with stylish buttons
  • Modal Collector: Large modals for lead collection
  • Engagement Links: Display important links elegantly
  • Call to Action: Encourage user actions with modals
  • Text Feedback: Collect straightforward user insights

How It Works:

  1. Install Pixel: Easily add the pixel to your site.
  2. Create Notifications: Customize and set up your preferred notifications.
  3. Grow & Profit: Watch your engagement and conversions soar.

Starter Plan:

  • Supports up to 10 domains
  • Manage 10 campaigns
  • 100 notifications
  • 60,000 impressions per month
  • 7-day statistics retention
  • 10 enabled notifications
  • No ads Lifetime Deal Discount

Retail Pricing: $1,080.00
LTD Starting From: $19.99

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Conclusion: Is Right For You? is your all-in-one solution for integrating social proof and personalized notifications on your website. It’s designed to enhance user engagement, build trust, and drive conversions with minimal effort. Whether you run an online store, a service-based website, or a blog,’s flexible features and ease of use make it a must-have tool.

Don’t just take our word for it—here’s what users have to say:

Thomas Eristen, Marketing Director: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
“This is the best social proof software for any kind of store! It’s very easy to integrate, full of features, powerful, and very flexible!”

Lucas Digne, Founder & Sale Product Management: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
“Amazing and highly useful tool, I was able to notice the boost of user engagement as soon as I start showing notifications in my store. It’s too perfect!”

Carla Mendy, VP of Sale Development: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
“Prooven is amazing! It gives me access to dozens of valuable notifications, and the support is great. They helped me integrate my website and create my first campaign.”

Click here to find out more about how can transform your website engagement and start your free trial today!

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